a peek at monday's photo shoot

thank you M and S for letting me run around with little A and M
i had a blast

all about london....

baby london and his mommy flew from california to wisconsin
to be loved on by their extended family

this is baby london and his mommy
{my second and third cousin}

now we have 
{left to right}
grandma-great aunt-great grandma-great grandma-grandpa

four generation photo

london with both great grandmas

four generation photo


london's beautiful mommy who should be modeling

 more cousins
{a gift will be sent to the first BLOGGER to tell me which one of these is not a sibling to the others}

thank you sweet baby 
for flying all the way here to see us
for being such an angel
on my birthday

oh these kids....

this little guy works for candy


this is one of his twin sisters. both of the girls are cutting teeth and when that's happening,
it makes for sad little faces and unhappy babies.

i plan on  having a do-over with this twin. she really wasn't interested at all in looking at me. and hey, i'm okay with that. we all have those days.
thanks a and a
for letting me play with c and m and l