a fall family shoot in the apple orchard....

this would be my pick for the "funny" family christmas card
just look at the faces on those kids

teaching the littlest how to jump at the same time as the rest of the group

this photo stole my heart

future artist
don't you just love the paint still on his fingers
of course
two future photographers

thanks J and K and N and V for letting me spend the afternoon with all of you

oh i see....we're doing more photos ?

"well as long as we're outside, i guess i can handle a few more"
"wow dad, this is so cool"
"but sheesh, you're tall and i'm like way up here"
"let's talk about those leaves that i'm sitting in"
"this is better. i was starting to chafe"
"i know, i know....we're cute aren't we"
"and maybe the next time mom goes shopping we can play some pool"
"you know, just us guys"

maybe next time....

"today...today is the photo shoot?"
"why didn't you tell me?"
"i'm not liking this and if you think i'm going to smile, you are so wrong"
"actually, this isn't working for me at all"
"but hey, this works"
"and if you think i'm going to let her set me down again, you're mistaken"
"a barn...wait seriously, now we're in a barn?"
"well this isn't so bad"
"and this is pretty good too since i still get to be held"
"oh, my mom and dad. they're pretty great aren't they?"
"and now my coat....that can only mean one thing...we're done"
the photos of the family are fitting for "you capture" themed week